I placed an order but I haven't received a Confirmation Email.

Gamucci Customer Service -

If you have placed an order with Gamucci, but you are not sure if the order was completed correctly, and you haven't received a confirmation email from us OR you were not redirected to the success page - please follow the below steps:

  • Please check your bank account to see if the cost was taken.
  • Or, check your Paypal transaction history if you have used Paypal to order.
  • Log-in into your Gamucci account, and visit the order history page - if your last order status is: Processing then we have received it and your order will be sent. If your order status is Pending Payment this means that we have not received payment for the order and your order will not be sent. If there is no further information please contact us at your convenience. 

If you have any concerns regarding order status please contact us.

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