The Electronic Cigarette Glossary

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Used to connect different types of cartomizers, atomizers or clearomizers onto a different style of battery.


 A term coined for traditional tobacco cigarettes.


The component in the electronic cigarette with the responsibility of heating up the E-Liquid to produce vapour.  Some people refer to this an “Atty”.


Part of an e-cigarette that produces the power to heat the coils for the vaporisation of the e-liquid.


Combination of words “Cartridge” and “Atomizer”.  It means that these two pieces are combined into one single unit. Pioneered by Gamucci.


 A chamber that contains the e-liquid that can be connected it to an e-cigarette.


E-cigarette that visually resembles a traditional tobacco cigarette. This is a combination of the words “cigarette” and “like”.


A transparent tank with a wick containing E-Liquid, easy for users to see the level of liquid and to use.


The wire inside the atomiser that is used to heat up and vaporise the e-liquid by creating an electrical circuit.


An e-cigarette designed to be thrown away after use.


Do-It-Yourself Electronic Cigarettes are ones made by the user themselves from a multitude of different parts in order to make their optimum electronic cigarette.

Drip tip

A mouthpiece accessory that allows dripping a few drops directly onto the atomizer without removing the tip.


The act of dripping a few drops of e-liquid directly onto the atomiser coil instead into a chamber (tank, cartridge, etc.).


Abbreviation for Electronic Cigarette.

Eco Friendly

A product that is not harmful to the environment.


A style of electronic cigarette, usually longer than a cigalike style e-cig, that uses the 510 thread and allows one to use 510 components but with a much larger battery.

Electronic Cigar

An electronic cigarette that mimics a real Cigar in style and flavour. Also known as eCigar.

Electronic Cigarette

A device that contains liquid solution, with or without nicotine, which is vaporised when inhaling, turning the liquid into vapour.


This is the solution that is vaporized when using an electronic cigarette. Sometimes referred to as e-juice.


To breathe out.


Flavours used in e-cigarette, often include similar ingredients to food flavourings.


This occurs when too much e-liquid is put into the atomiser and the coils cannot vaporise the liquid properly. This can be lead to leaking into the air tube and cause the user to even feel liquid in their mouth. If you use your e-cigarette correctly this should not happen.


To breathe in or draw into your lungs.


When E-Liquid escapes from the tank without usage – this can be solved very quickly or can mean there is a problem with your e-cigarette.


Abbreviation for Light Emitting Diode. On an e-cigarette they are usually used on the end of the device, or on the side to provide information on the status of the battery, or usage settings.


Abbreviation for Milliamp per Hour, often used to describe the capacity of a battery before it needs to be recharged.


The amount of nicotine found in an e-liquid. A lot of companies show this as a percentage that relates the amount of nicotine per millilitre of e-liquid. For example 1.6% Nicotine E-Liquid is 16mg of Nicotine per 10ml of liquid.


Usually made of rubber or silicone, the ring prevents leaking from an atomizer.


The quantity of e-liquid in a container in millilitres.


An abbreviation for modified e-cig , or custom built e-cigarettes. Has become commonly used for any e-cig device that is not a cigalike.


The component of an e-cig that connects the device with the mouth. It is basically the end of the e-cigarette the user puffs on.


An alkaloid found in tobacco and other plants of the nightshade family. You can find nicotine in different strengths or even with no nicotine in e-cigarettes. Nicotine is an addictive substance.


Nicotine Replacement Therapy such as gums, patches, etc.

Propylene Glycol or PG

Common base in the e-liquid. Organic glycerol, colourless and nearly odourless liquid that possesses a faintly sweet taste. It usually produces less vapour than VG but more of a basis for flavour and a better ‘throat hit'.


The action of inhaling vapour from an e-cigarette.


An e-cigarette intended to be reused after being charged again.

Starter Kit

A kit that often includes all the necessary parts to start using an e-cigarette right away.


The chamber part of the e-cigarette that contains e-liquid

Throat Hit

The feeling in the back of your throat caused by vapour being inhaled. This sensation depends on the level of nicotine used. Zero nicotine strength will not provide as much of a throat hit as Nicotine based liquids.

USB charger

A charger you can use to charge your battery that is plugged into a USB port.


The act of vaping. It is comparable to the act of smoking traditional cigarettes.


Slang term for an E-cigarette user.


Water vapour (steam) that is not subject to combustion and produced by an e-cigarette when it is inhaled upon.

Vegetable Glycerine or VG

Common base in the e-liquid. It is a colourless, odourless, viscous liquid produced from plant oils, typically palm oil, soy, or coconut oil. It usually produces more vapour than PG but less of a base for flavour and throat hit.


The part of the atomizer that brings the e-liquid to the coil for vaporisation. It’s usually made of organic cotton or silica.


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