What is Gamucci VaporCore Technology?

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Gamucci - the ONLY electronic cigarettes in the World with patented VAPORCORE™ Technology


Vaporcore™ is the result of continuous research and development in electronic cigarette technology. A technologically advanced design providing users the ultimate alternative to traditional smoking. Vaporcore™ Technology excels in 4 key areas:

• Consistent Flavour: With a smooth effortless draw, inhale and enjoy the mouthfuls of flavour on every puff, each and every time.

• Pleasant Throat Hit: Feel that gentle hit on the back of your throat. Vaporcore™ hits that sweet spot, providing the feeling that smokers enjoy.

• Big Vapour: Thick clouds of vapour on every puff. Inhale, exhale, you can even blow “smoke-rings”

• Long Battery Life: Gamucci products utilise the highest quality components and our custom designed batteries outlast the competition, so you can rest assured your smoking experience keeps on going for longer.

With an incredible amount of innovation, we have designed a system capable of producing a high-performance electronic cigarette, whilst still maintaining the smooth, authentic taste key to the Gamucci brand. Vaporcore™ works by a combination of exacting air resistance and efficiency of vaporization in use. Each inhalation allows the vapour to pass effortlessly through the mouthpiece, combining the power of the battery with the taste of Gamucci. It is the ultimate electronic cigarette experience!

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